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Virtual Fitness Training

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No time, no energy, no motivation?

How much should I pay for an online trainer?

You should pay around AED 300 per session for an online trainer, and if we talk about hourly sessions, the online trainer will charge AED 200 to AED 300. However, it may also depend on several factors, such as trainer experience, skills, qualifications, location, and the type of training they offer. However, the discount applicable price may be overcome by up to 40% if taken in a bulk session with multiple virtual clients. And you can also visit the virtual web during the holiday season because they offer outstanding discounts that you owe.

Let’s understand by taking an example: if you take 10 sessions, then the price can be offered up to AED 250 to AED 350, which the clinic can reduce. And if you take 20 sessions then the price can be reduced more.

  • Per session: AED 200-300
  • Package (10 sessions): AED 175-250 per session
  • Package (20 sessions): AED 150-200 per session

Is virtual fitness training worth it?

Virtual personal training is a great way to support your wellness journey. If you are new to fitness, start your journey with an online fitness trainer to learn the basics and get started on the right foot. The personalized nature of virtual training spreads in a diverse way to achieve your fitness goal in your adjustable time. It offers flexible workout timings and routines.

Additionally, it often provides cost-effective alternatives to traditional gym membership training sessions. Nowadays, the incorporation of technology has been increased in the fitness world and used in the form of live streaming, interative apps, and wearable devices. It offers real-time feedback, which enhances by giving you motivation and keeps tracking your progress.

Is online personal trainers worth it?

If you invest in an online personal trainer, it is worthwhile for you because they can guide you virtually about what you actually require to reduce or gain weight or for boxing-building purposes. There are many benefits to working with an online trainer, such as:

An online personal trainer creates a workout program that is customized to your specific fitness goals and requirements. They are also available 24/7 a week thoroughly.

An online personal trainer helps you stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals.

An online personal trainer teaches you proper exercise techniques to avoid injury and maximize your results in a good way.

With the guidance of an online trainer, you may be able to reach your fitness goals more quickly than if you were trying to train on your own.


  • Wider Equipment Variety: Access to machines, weights, cardio equipment, etc.
  • Expert Guidance: Personal trainers can create personalized routines and provide feedback.
  • Motivational Environment: Surrounding yourself with others and exercising can boost motivation.
  • Social Interaction: Meet new people and build a fitness community.

Is Home training better than gym?

Both options are good, but if you are a home person, you can work out in your adjustable time. While a gym provides delicate space and tools to perform your workout more flexibly. In the end, the decision must be yours, whether to work on your fitness at home or gym. Here are a few pros of working at the gym and at home:


  • Convenience: No commute, work out on your own schedule.
  • Cost-Effective: No gym membership fees, minimal equipment needed.
  • Privacy: Exercise in your own space, free from distractions or self-consciousness.
  • Flexibility: Design your own workouts and choose exercises you enjoy.

What are the cons of online personal training?

Here are the cons of online personal training that everybody knows before taking a step into the virtual world:

  • Limited correction time of exercise
  • Reduced accountability
  • Technical dependence such as reliable internet or tech glitches.
  • Lack of physical interaction and adjustment
  • Less social interaction with the community
  • Potential equipment limitations available at the gym
  • Difficult to check your progress by the trainers

Why our training stands out

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Workouts that fit seamlessly into your dynamic life, ensuring regularity without the stress.

Certified expertise

Our trainers dive deep into the unique journey of each woman they guide.

Custom workouts

Tailored exercises that respect and challenge your body’s distinct capacities.

Empowering you every step of the way

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Boost self-confidence

When you see and feel the results, it elevates your self-worth and body image.

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Holistic health

More than toned muscles, experience improved sleep, mood, and overall health.

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Regain lost energy

Wave goodbye to fatigue. Rekindle your vitality and stay active with your loved ones.

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