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What Should Be Included in A Personal Training Package?

Personal Trainer Packages and Advantages in Dubai

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What Should Be Included in A Personal Training Package?

What Should Be Included in A Personal Training Package?

A customized personal training package should include a list of things which is good for achieving lasting success. However, this will allow you to charge higher personal trainer costs and will increase retention. Here are the different things that could be included in a personal training package:

1.Initial Fitness Assessment

3.Nutrition Plans

5.Body Measurements Tracking

7.Fitness Goal Setting

9.Weekly Check-Ins

2.Customized Workout Plans

4.Body Fat Analysis

6.Habit Tracking

8.Progress Monitoring

10.Dietary Supplements Recommendations

11.Email Support

13.Cardio Programs

15.Access to a Personal Training App

17.Online Training Sessions

19.Personalized Strength Training Programs

12.Personalized Stretching Programs

14.Lifestyle Modification Advice

16.Monthly Progress Reports

18.Posture Correction Exercises

20.Injury Rehabilitation Exercise

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Do You Need a Personal Trainer for The Gym?

Personal trainers play a role like a grain of salt in food. Therefore, if we are overweight, have medical issues, or have lumsump amount in our pocket, we need a personal trainer for the gym. And if you do it for yourself, you might face severe injury from working out the wrong way. Here are a few things you need to consider while choosing a personal trainer for your gym routine:

  • Make sure the trainer must be certified and has years of experience in performing exercises at the gym.
  • Fitness personal trainer encouragement and presence can push you further and keep you on track.
  • Personal trainers introduce new exercises and training styles, which keep your workouts fresh and engaging.
  • Your personal trainer also provides learning aspects of exercise or pirate gyming life.
Do You Need a Personal Trainer for The Gym?

What's The Difference Between a Fitness Coach and A Personal Trainer?

Fitness Coach vs. Personal Trainer:





Holistic wellness (physical, mental, emotional)

Physical fitness & performance


Varied certifications, often in coaching or health (optional)

Certified in exercise science & personal training (required)

Client interaction

Partner & motivator, personalized guidance

Instructor & motivator, structured workouts


Customized, diverse activities

Customized, exercise-focused routines


Long-term lifestyle changes, behavior modification

Short-term fitness goals, performance improvement


Less expensive

More expensive


What To Expect from A Personal Trainer?

If you hire, a personal trainer is like investing in your fitness journey. Get ready for personalized attention – your trainer will be your fitness confidante and plan workouts modified to your goals, limitations, and preferences. You can expect comprehensive assessments that analyze your current fitness level and set a realistic roadmap for progress.

Your sessions will be a mix of motivation and expert guidance, with your trainer demonstrating proper form, pushing you safely, and celebrating your victories. Beyond the gym, expect accountability and nutritional tips to keep you on track.

Always remember, a good trainer is your partner in transformation, not a drill sergeant. They will create a fun, supportive environment that makes reaching your goals enjoyable and sustainable. So, be prepared to work hard, learn a lot, and experience the joy of progress with a personal cheerleader by your side.

What To Expect from A Personal Trainer?

why choose Dubai Personal Trainers?

As certified personal trainers committed to your well-being, we adhere to the fitness guidelines recommended by the Dubai Health Authority. These guidelines, established by the local health authorities, ensure that our fitness programs align with the best practices for health and safety in Dubai. Our collective dedication to following these standards underscores our commitment to providing you with effective and safe fitness solutions.

we align our practices with industry leaders and esteemed fitness associations. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our association with:

  1. American Council on Exercise (ACE): ACE is a renowned organization committed to setting high standards in fitness education, certification, and research. Our alignment with ACE ensures that our training programs meet and exceed industry benchmarks.

  2. International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA): As proud members of IHRSA, we are part of a global community promoting health and fitness. This association allows us to stay at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring that our clients receive cutting-edge and effective fitness solutions.

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